Never Never: Part Two - Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

Never Never: Part Two

By Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

  • Release Date: 2015-05-17
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 438 Ratings


Part two in the Never Never series, by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher.


  • I never expected where this book was going next

    By Trudy Lynn
    Book 2 does not end on the intense cliff hanger that part 1 does but still your mind is reeling! What can all of this mean? What is happening? How will they ever figure out why they keep losing their memories? Now there is a new question, why are they dreaming memories of each other? I am off for the final story and cannot wait to see where it takes me now!!!
  • A Page turner!!

    By luvyateamedward
    This is a must read! You can never get enough and it leaves you wanting more!
  • Torture!

    By Patitafrita
    These two books have been absolute torture! I cannot wait for part three to come out! Please hurry!
  • Real writers...?

    By dancer1982
    Why must these writers write these books that are 50pages long and cause the story to be purchased to finish it. Why not write the full store and charge more. This story is okay. And it's an interesting concept. But I'm annoyed but it being broken up.
  • I don't think they know how to end it

    By Boopany
    Part of the way through the second book it hits you that it's too short to be nearing the conclusion. Once you realize this it's also clear the authors haven't fully figured it out either. I hope they do. I won't read a book four, it's just not that interesting. Annoyed that I'll need to re-read part two at least to recall what's going on so I can follow the plot lines by the time book three debuts.
  • I don't get a sense of an overarching story arc in these first two installments.

    By Meg @Reading Books Like a Boss
    Review originally posted on Reading Books Like a Boss The second installment in Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher's novella-length serial series picks up right after part one left off. At the end of part one, Silas finds out that he and Charlie have been losing their memories every 48 hours for the past week. Silas and Charlie have been writing letters to themselves so that they remember what they learned during their short two-day investigations. This time is different though, Charlie is missing. Silas must race against the clock in order to find her before their memories reset again. Part two was slightly shorter than part one, which was fine by me. I'm a very patient reader and will stick with books that are riveting. Never Never Part Two was very similar to part one, but this time Silas is alone. Because of this, most of this part was told in his point-of-view. There really wasn't any one thing that bothered me with this book other than the sameness to part one. Part two ends with Silas and Charlie losing their memories. I don't get a sense of an overarching story arc in these first two installments. Had I read part one and part two back-to-back, I still don't think I would get a feeling of suspense or building action. There will be a third and final part to this book in which Hoover and Fisher will reveal what in the sam hell is going on. We get more clues as to who is orchestrating all of this in part two. There seems to be some voodoo mischief afoot, but the authors also hint that it could be someone connected to Silas and Charlie's fathers' crimes setting them up. 2 stars * I received an advanced copy from the authors in exchange for an honest review
  • Really?

    By Mammayumyum3
    Don't get me wrong- I love a good suspense filled story however, this? This was too much. I would have NEVER NEVER started reading this until the next book was already out.
  • what the hell...

    By wormish
    so unfair... how long do we wait for the next book 😞
  • Part two brought forth a small but important clue at the end.

    By Annmric8
    I wish I had made notes from the first part because the only thing I remember is that Silas and Charli leave themselves notes. Well maybe I did not need those notes after all because they did a good job of recapping the notes themselves. It took only two hours to tear through this part. It was a quick yet revealing read. I enjoyed the clues that were disclosed. I'm still confused and puzzled over what is going on. I hope the last part is more lengthy. I hope part three is the final piece of the story because I'm not sure I can continue reading at this pace. Most of the answers came at the end and then it ends. Once again leaving me hanging. I would have rather read as one book rather than in parts. It took awhile to get back into the mindset of what was happening. Both Tarryn and Colleen are brilliant writers.
  • Great Book😍😍

    By Books_are_Life
    It's a really good book, I couldn't put it down but I'm done with all the cliff hangers😔